I, Alex Cross By James Patterson Review!

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I, Alex Cross (2009) by James Patterson is the 16th novel in the Alex Cross series.

In this book, Patterson’s trademark quick chapters are once again perfect for a sit down with tea or coffee even if you haven’t much time to read. Yet again this is a page-turner like Patterson’s work tends to be.

In this book Cross is celebrating his birthday with his family when he receives information that his niece Caroline Cross, his brother’s only daughter has been murdered. Cross soon sets out on a mission to seek justice for his niece. We learn that Cross feels a lot of guilt after her death as he has not stayed close with much of his extended family including Caroline and her father. The case soon intensifies as Cross realises that Caroline was not the only one killed by the mysterious killer/s.

In this novel, we see Cross and his girlfriend Detective Brianna Stone or Bree as she is known by Cross and everyone else in the book investigate together and I felt there was a really good dynamic between them. A good team in work and in life clearly.


It’s a really interesting book and the idea to kill off the niece of Cross in it really helped give the book a personal emotive feel for Cross. It was interesting to see the differences in how he felt when the victim was so close and how he was trying to maintain professionalism in the face of such pain and guilt.


As always a real thriller rollercoaster by Patterson.


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