Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting By Mary Higgins Clark Review!

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Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting (2013) by Mary Higgins Clark is a very interesting read.


This book centres around two sisters Kate and Hannah Connelly. Their family’s furniture business in Long Island City has been burned down leaving Kate, a CPA for an accounting firm, in a coma fighting for life. There is also suspicion arising that it was she who set the fire in which a man called Gus who is now retired from the company and not very happy to be has died. Add into this the disappearance of a young woman from many years before and the possibility that the two are connected and you’ve got a promising plot. Meanwhile sister Hannah is intent on finding out exactly what happened to Hannah.


But where this book falls short is in two areas. The characters don’t seem very real. Hannah and Kate seem too good to be true while their father’s new girlfriend Sandra doesn’t seem to have any redeeming factors. It feels all a bit too like let’s make Hannah and Kate perfect while Sandra is so terrible in order to make them look good. The other area is the mystery itself. It’s very obvious. You know who did it long before the end.


But on the plus side, the mystery is very interesting and well-crafted. It’s a page-turner as you find out more and more about the secrets that lurk beneath many of the characters. But it’s a pity the overall finding out of who the killer/s was an anti-climax. I didn’t dislike the book by any means. In fact I rather enjoyed it but there was just a few problematic areas.


Not suspenseful and doesn’t have characters you’ll adore but an interesting read nonetheless.


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