Poem: A Change Is Gonna Come

Black Lives Matter Activists To March In Seattle Saturday | KNKX


Have no fear,

have no doubts,



you are strong,

you are valuable

even if society hasn’t always valued you

or your contributions

and your worth,

shame on us.


The violence,

the prejudice and ignorance,

the snide, flippant comments,

the utter privilege white people fed into

and gloried in for too long

while saying ‘I’m not a racist,

I have black friends’

and gaslighting you

to make you believe that you are bad

and the one in the wrong.


As a white person I am sorry,

sorry for how white people have acted,

ashamed of how white people have acted,

our race is flawed with ugly history,

ugly present time too

and without acknowledging that,

we are part of the problem,

so white people stop this defensive bullshit,

you know how many of our race is fucked up

when it comes to race issues,

stop sweeping things under the carpet.


A Change Is Gonna Change,

it’s been far too long coming,

through the bravery

of my brothers, sisters and non-binary siblings of color,

I stand with you for what it’s worth

but you really don’t need me or any white person’s help,

you have all got this,

you are stronger,

more compassionate,

more wonderful

than we have ever given you credit for,

I can’t wait for this change to happen

and I send you all much love.


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