Cat And Mouse By James Patterson Review!

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Cat And Mouse (1997) by James Patterson is the fourth book in the Alex Cross series.


In this outing, Cross is being pursued by his old nemesis Gary Soneji who is dying from the AIDS virus he contacted in prison and seeks revenge against Cross and to end his life with a bang. But Cross and Soneji aren’t the only ones we meet here. There is also Thomas Augustine Pierce who is pursuing Mr. Smith, who is Jack The Ripper-esque, since his fiancee was killed. So this story is action-packed with two mysteries in one and the reader is left wondering whether or not the two are connected.


Like all James Patterson books, this book is highly addictive. You find yourself further into the book than you think before you realise it. Very suspenseful, the title is completely apt for this book. It’s also quite psychological in some parts especially in the Mr. Smith case. I did get who Mr. Smith was but it was still well-written and the dynamics of the case worked well. Even though I got who it was, I still don’t think it’s obvious so by no means don’t be put off by that. It isn’t a weak ending to that particular mystery or the Cross/Soneji mystery either. Never is with those two as good versus evil once again.


A book filled with the drama of playing games with high stakes involved. It is creepy and sinister and a very exciting read filled with so much description of the scenes and the human mind and human behaviour in short chapters.


A really great read. A page-turner.


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