Silent Night By Mary Higgins Clark Review!

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Silent Night (1995) by Mary Higgins Clark is an endearingly sweet Christmas story which is sad in points.

Catherine Dornan is in New York with her two young sons Michael (10) and Brian (7) at Christmas so the three of them can spend Christmas with her husband and their father Tom who in hospital with leukemia. But soon sadness hits when Catherine drops her wallet and a woman called Cally picks it up. Cally’s backstory is that she hasn’t enough money to make it a good Christmas for her young daughter Gigi and though she is essentially a good person, when the wallet falls it becomes too much of a temptation for her. But inside Catherine’s wallet is the St. Christopher medal that Michael’s and Brian’s grandfather believed saved his life in World War II and which his grandmother believes will help Tom if it is given to him. So when Brian sees Cally pick up the wallet with the medal inside he rushes off after her and gets lost.

But Cally’s brother Jimmy who has escaped from prison soon sees an opportunity to make some money by taking Brian hostage and the nightmare begins for Catherine and Michael.

A very well-written and well thought out story which keeps you reading and reading hoping little Brian is reunited with his family. There is a lot of heart in this story and the reminder that family, love and spending time with those you love are the most important things.

A really great short read.

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