Mary, Mary By James Patterson Review!

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Mary, Mary (2005) by James Patterson is an action-packed thriller by the wonderful writing genius of James Patterson.

Like a few of Patterson’s books, the title of this novel has a nursery theme name and this book follows a string of murders in Hollywood circles which Alex Cross must solve. This was Patterson’s 11th book in which his most famous detective Alex Cross is on the case. And this time around  the former Washington, D.C. homicide detective and forensic psychiatrist and current FBI agent Cross is faced with a killer who is seemingly so proud of their crimes that they are writing emails to their victims after their deaths describing their lead-up to and murder of the person in question.

Cross has much to consider. With the level of fame the victims have, it could be anyone who knew them or who simply seen them on TV. I didn’t solve this mystery while reading it but when you think back through it the signs are quite clear as to who it is. Hindsight, eh? A well-crafted mystery that can be solved but is by no means obvious either.

Alex Cross as well as being a great detective is a massive family man and the love he has for his three children shines through in this book. There is always great family humour and emotion scattered amongst the story of the mystery.

A captivating, breath-taking page-turner.

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