Mystery In White By J. Jefferson Farjean Review!

Mystery in White (British Library Crime Classics) by [J. Jefferson Farjeon, Martin Edwards]


Mystery In White (1937) by J. Jefferson Farjean is a murder mystery set at Christmas.


The plot follows a bunch of people who find themselves together on a train on Christmas Eve. When the train becomes abandoned in the snow, they decide to jump off and find themselves in a remote, empty house which they almost instantly find suspicious. However there is even more than meets the eye initially when it becomes apparent that a murderer is in their midst.

With an introduction by author Martin Edwards, it is wonderful to get the opportunity to get to read this great classic. The plot is interesting. It is a plot that you read in countless books but it’s done well and is always an intriguing plot line. Very claustrophobic. I loved the mix of characters which is always key for a plot such as this. I liked Lydia and Smith the best but all the characters make it interesting even though some I liked more than others admittedly but that spices it up a bit.

The book throughout is splendid writing and deals with issues like sexual harrassment, sexism and classism way in front of the author’s time. But the ending is all over the place. Writing an ending to a mystery is hard but it really was all over the place, very confusing and I still don’t know what actually happened there so I hope no one ever asks me to explain that particular part of the book. It was a real shame because this book otherwise is perfection.

A great read nonetheless.


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