My New Book The ‘Troublemaker’ Personality is now available!

book cover

My new book The ‘Troublemaker’ Personality is now available to buy on Amazon and Payhip.

This is my first self-help book. It is about being opinionated and suffering mental health issues due to prejudice/ignorance married in with gaslighting. The book is very much written from a personal perspective as I have went through the things I’m talking about in it. I still obviously face a lot of negativity but my mental health is grand now. And that was the idea behind the book, to maybe help even one person out there who might be struggling and maybe they won’t feel as down in and about themself. We speak a lot about mental health and prejudice in the world but we don’t always talk about it very often with an emphasis on this personality type and that can be a source of a lot of peoples’ problems from my experience.

I have most definitely in the past spoke about these issues in my past books but never apart from my poetry a little bit, I have never written it as me talking about it and there is something even more frightening but certainly even more liberating too. I never really thought about writing a self-help book before but once the idea took hold, I was determined to do it.

I hope the book will be helpful to people and for everyone else, an interesting read.

To purchase The ‘Troublemaker’ Personality go to:

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