Bones Never Lie By Kathy Reichs Review!

Bones Never Lie : Kathy Reichs : 9780099558071


Bones Never Lie (2014) by Kathy Reichs is the seventeeth book in the author’s Temperance Brennan series and a very engrossing read.

The plot follows Dr. Temperance Brennan as she investigates the cold and newer cases of young girls who have been killed and kidnapped. The cases bring her back into battle with a woman called Anique Pomerleau who was involved in the murders and kidnaps but who Brennan has never caught and subsequently never got justice for the victims or some form of closure for their families. This understandably haunts Brennan. She is tasked with enlisting former police detective and former lover Andrew Ryan but he is reluctant to return while he recovers from grief over his daughter’s death. 

This book is incredibly well-written. It has a plot which keeps you reading and it plays into stereotypes and tosses them on their head. Brennan is a great character and her cat is a dote. The research is also amazing. A lot of research and experience has went into so much of this book and it shows. Very accurate. My favourite character in the book is her mother. She suffers from mental illness and I love the way Reichs writes her character. She doesn’t write her in a stereotypical sense of a person with mental illness. She writes her as a fun-loving woman with so much personality and an internet savvy way. I loved reading all the parts she was in and I loved her relationship with her daughter. The reveal was great and it leaves a lot of questions which is always a good way to end a book. Why did they do it? How could they do it? And while many questions are answered, many are still left which is often true of life and makes for an intriguing as well as infuriating ending. 

This book is refreshing and it raises a lot of issues in a very seamless way. It is simply great writing.

Excellent read.


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