Memory & Desire: A Postcard from Neo Tokyo (The Jennifer Yanchez Diaries Book 1) By C. Vandyke Review!

Memory & Desire: A Postcard from Neo Tokyo (2019) by C. Vandyke is the first book in the Jennifer Yanchez Diaries.

This book follows Jennifer Yanchez who is a private eye. The story begins when a rich and beautiful socialite Carlotta enlists Jennifer’s help in locating her husband Steven. Encouraged to take the dangerous job on by a combination of desire for money, attraction to Carlotta and as a way to get away briefly from the pain of her girlfriend Hiro’s murder, Jennifer decides to take on the case. But soon she finds herself in deeper than she ever thought possible when she is almost killed in an explosion at Carlotta’s apartment in the richer part of the city. However she is saved by Hyacinth Girl who she finds herself also attracted to. In a world filled with attractive women and lies and deceit, Jennifer must find out what on earth is going on before it is too late.

The short novel is intriguing from start to finish. The ending wasn’t totally surprising but some of the details were. Jennifer as a character is very easy to relate to. She is struggling to pay the rent and her head is wrecked with her landlord Manny who ain’t the most understanding though he shows a little compassion in letting her keep Hiro’s vase at one stage. I love how the author weaved class issues into the plot through the differences in Jennifer’s and Carlotta’s situations. I loved the plot, I love a good mystery and I loved the character of Jennifer who I related to in so many ways from her roots of going from paycheck to paycheck and her situation of being pulled into situations by gorgeous women. Only thing we didn’t have in common was her bravery. I would probably have ran a mile at the start to be fair!

A great write full of mystery with a dash of romance. Very gripping all the way through.

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