Heading to Apoc (Apoc Series Book 1) By Morgan Destera Review!


Heading to Apoc (2016) by Morgan Destera is the first book in the Apoc Series by the author.


The book follows the story of Siki and is set in a world where nuclear poisoning has left many people unable to reproduce. Those who can’t or show signs that they can’t are put into the mines and this is where we meet Siki. But she is not alone as she has supervisor Vin on her side and the two fall in love and plan to escape. But that is not going to run quite as smoothly as they would hope.

This is a very fast-paced, short read with lots of action and the plot is driven forward at all turns. Just when you think things are beginning to settle down, another twist comes along and sweeps you onto another stage of the journey. The book also deals with many important issues like rape, sexual harrassment and people using power over others and making them feel less or trying to at the least. The book speaks about the coldness and distantness often in our world and how humans can often use other humans for what they need and discard them when they can’t give them what they need.

I did like the connection between Siki and Vin. You could tell that they cared a lot for each other and their feelings for each other drive the story along very well. It has a very us against the world feel which is always super romantic.

The book also contained sexual moments which included Vin and Maharg, the tyrant Regulator in the mines. I don’t want to give away too much but Maharg ends up being Vin’s son and Vin knew he was his son all the time. I think it was brave to write about incest in the story. The twist was a massive shock which left me thinking ‘What the hell just happened there?’

I also love the cover by Bradley K. McDevitt. The detail in it is amazing.

All round, a great read and a brave write. Very original and well put together. A great start to the series.


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