Paperclip By Dan Woll And Walter Rhein Review!


Paperclip (2018) by Dan Woll and Walter Rhein is a very well-written and unsettling drama/thriller with elements of sci-fi/paranormal.


The novel tells the story of three people Carlie, Mort and Mickey whose lives interwine by a dark and overpowering force which is visible to only the three of them. The book is very fast-paced and nothing in it is filler. The novel is actually based on the true-life Operation Paperclip which I hadn’t heard about prior to reading the book. The fact that it is based on true events makes it all the more chilling. My favourite character was Mickey because I found him the most likeable but Mort does make the book and without him in it, so much of the story would be lost. He isn’t the most likeable but he is definitely the most interesting and the most complex. I think his story is handled very well by the authors. He has had a difficult life. His mother was killed in very tragic circumstances and he is intent on a twisted justice of making everyone present and involved in her death pay which includes Carlie on the basis that her mother was there and involved at the time. His father was did tests on in jail which ended up with him drinking a pitcher of lemonade with LSD in it. And while I sympathized with him for sure in these things, I liked that he wasn’t excused from his cruel actions after.

A very interesting thing I felt about Mort’s story too was how class played into it. It did feel like working-class people were even more targeted for these big scientists’ experiments and it made me think Mort’s life could have been a lot different if he was from another class. Being working-class myself, the idea of our lives being dispensable for scientific purposes didn’t surprise me but I think it was great that it was highlighted in the book. It is also a look at the bad side of science. Admittedly science has done a lot of good but there has been a lot of shady moments too in science’s history and it was good to see that being highlighted too.

Carlie is alright too and we get a lot of great backstory about her and her family. Each of these characters is written very well. The plot is interesting and everything works. It is not an easy read but it is thought-provoking and challenges the reader to think which I love. Fantastic editing by Cas Peace as well.


A fantastic read which I very much recommend.


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    Thank you very much for this kind review!

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