In the Market (Men of Nowhere 0.6) By Cate Ashwood Review!

In the Market (Men of Nowhere #0.6)


In the Market (Men of Nowhere 0.6) (2019) by Cate Ashwood is a short read which follows the story of Ryland and Liam who rekindle their romance after many years.

Ryland is left in a dilemma after his brother bails on helping him with work on the upcoming Harvest Market work due to other commitments in his job as a cop. He is in dire need of help when back into his life walks Liam who is looking for work while he writes a book detailing his experiences.

The author packs a lot in here about their backstory, their personalities and how they feel about each other. They are both very likable characters with great chemistry. My only problem was that it was very short although I’m willing to pass that over as this is a mini prequel to further stories. I found it very enjoyable, very well-written and a beautiful short romance read which I read in one sitting and enjoyed reading very much.

In the future, I would love to read more of Ashwood’s work. She has a very straight to the point style which I really like and can get inside the inner thoughts of the characters even in a short read like this.

A great write!


I got this book free in a Giveaway and finding a link to where you can get it I haven’t been able to but I wanted to do a review and hopefully someday soon, it will appear somewhere to read or purchase. Sorry about that everyone. 🙂

For more about Cate Ashwood and her work go to:

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