Deception … By Aaron D Hawkins Review!



Deception … (2019) by Aaron D Hawkins is a brilliant short read.


The story follows protagonist Geloni who is a final year high school student in Tennessee. He is out as being gay in school and is being bullied by homophobic jock Shawn and his equally homophobic friends/gang. Shawn’s fellow jock Des is secretly gay and secretly likes Geloni. Meanwhile an alien Issideron is indent on going on a killing spree. It takes over Shawn and goes about murder and making destruction. Add into this a Native American woman Tsistunagiska who is sent to take Issideron down. When she arrives, she is given a new temporary name Lynn Jackson and the government and police going around in circles trying to stop Issideron harming anyone else.

I loved this book. The author’s writing style is fantastic, original and very natural. I loved the way Hawkins brought many important themes into the book like bullying, mental health and prejudice. These topics are spoken about sensitively and with excellent honesty. Hawkins really highlights these issues without apologies and I love that. The characters all add something to the story. I actually have five favourite characters from this story. Geloni and Des are super cute together and really made for each other. You really get to know their stories and are rooting for them against the obstacles they face as a new couple. I love them both. I love Tsistunagiska too. She is so strong and brave. She doesn’t run away from her duty to bring Issideron down. She’s fantastic. I love Tre, Geloni’s best friend, and Brenda, Geloni’s mother. They are both super supportive of Geloni and of his and Des’ relationship. Their fab!

This is a very well-put together book which easily held my attention throughout. It is a great Halloween read with characters you care about, characters you can’t stand and great, original storytelling. It was a page-tuner with good humour in it too. The book is actually free on Smashwords and I highly recommend you check it out.

Great read and great writing!


To get your free copy of Deception … by Aaron D Hawkins go to:

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