His Spark By D.J. Jamison Review!

His Spark


His Spark (2018) by D.J. Jamison is a short romance set in the world of a Harry Potter book club, a Halloween party and is connected to Harry Potter fanfiction.

The story follows super Harry Potter fan Josh and non-Harry Potter fan Dylan. Josh works in a book store and is the leader of the Harry Potter book club. One night warehouse worker Dylan comes into the store to purchase a book for his niece and finds himself caught up in the middle of the book club. The pair are instantly attracted to each other but are unsure that they are what the other is looking for because they are very different in many ways such as Josh being a reader and Dylan being more into hiking. Their fear and insecurity are not being each other’s type is very authentically constructed.

As the book progresses, the author gets so much packed into this short and helps us get to know both characters very well. The secondary characters are also interesting, add to the plot and are as likeable as the MCs. Well almost so.

I like the way Josh and Dylan are both so down-to-earth. They are both like people you meet every day. And I love how interested Josh is in fanfiction and how Dylan plays along with it because he adores Josh. I also liked how Josh wasn’t some prejudiced jerk about Dylan’s dyslexia. Together they are super sweet and they work together so, so well.

Very enjoyable & character-driven. Great read.


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