Romeo & Juliet By William Shakespeare Review!

Romeo & Juliet (1595) by William Shakespeare is a nice romantic read.

First up two things:

1. I’m not a huge William Shakespeare fan even though as a writer I think it would be good if I was because he is a legend of the game.


2. I really enjoyed this book.

I had saw a film version of this play before I read it and I didn’t really enjoy it. But in a lot of ways it was very different from the book which I feel is a lot better. I was swept along in the romance of it and felt the story deals with a lot of class issues and snobbery in families. I was very much rooting for Romeo and Juliet and couldn’t understand the big deal everyone was making about it.

The story follows our two titled protagonists and their love story as they face adversity for their love. It is a gorgeous write and is a lot more accessible than many of Shakespeare’s other works. I have tried to read a few of them and haven’t got beyond a few pages due to the language simply because I never seem to understand what is happening. With this book, it was different. While there is a very poetic quality to it and many metaphors present, it is still a book which is easy to understand. I liked that because in all fairness when you read synopsis’ of a lot of Shakespeare’s work, they have good storylines. It’s just that sometimes it is hard to follow the works but this one is different.

The heartbreak of their love story broke my heart. The whole situation too I felt got so out of control. So much senseless death occurs because of prejudice, ignorance and old grudges. Deaths which could have been so easily avoided if everyone just showed understanding and actually listened to what people were feeling instead of wanting them to feel what they wanted them to feel.

And of course the story of two people in love is super romantic. There was so much chemistry between them and you knew they couldn’t live without each other. Their love for each other warms the heart so much.

A wonderful, beautiful yet heartbreaking read and I’m glad I gave it a chance!

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