Save the Date By Annabeth Albert & Wendy Qualls Review!

Save the Date (2017) by Annabeth Albert and Wendy Qualls is a beautiful love story where opposites attract.

Readers meet Randall who is an introverted, geeky astrophysicist and a virgin and Hunter who is an assertive military man who is most definitely not a virgin. The two men meet on a night out in a gay bar and end up having a one-night stand in Oregon. After that they think they will never hear from each other again. But plans change however as Randall is his sister’s “man of honor” at her upcoming wedding and Hunter is set to be his best friend’s best man when he gets married soon. Yes, you guessed it: it’s the same wedding. So reluctantly (but maybe not totally reluctantly) they will be spending more time together than they first thought they would be. As they get close, they wonder if they can work as a long distance relationship as they live quite a bit from each other.

This book really works. The two central characters are nice lads and really like each other. As you can imagine from the plot, there is a lot of humour in this book especially during the wedding parts. The humour often comes from awkwardness and some of the best humour does often come from that. It is well-written and their relationship is gorgeous. Very well paced and with absolutely lovely chemistry. It’s a fun read, very light and enjoyable with some hot sex scenes included too.

I really liked both Hunter and Randall. But Randall is my favourite character in the book. I could relate a bit more to him and I think with a book that has two great and adorable central characters in their individual ways it will definitely come down to things like who you relate to and maybe just personal taste about what kind of characters you generally like. There’s not much in it in other words. They are both great guys and make for excellent characters who you find yourself easily rooting for to get together.

I loved the read. It was a very straightforward feel-good read. A gorgeous comfort read with superb and very natural dialogue especially between the two central characters. Kudos to the two authors.

A joy to read.

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