Culture Vulture Express Receives It’s Second Awesome Blogger Award!


Hello everyone!


Culture Vulture Express has received it’s second Awesome Blogger Award. Thank you so much to Mark from Mark Anthony’s Blog for the nomination. Very much appreciated. Be sure to check out their blog when you get time! 🙂


The Awesome Blogger Award was originally created by Maggie from Dreaming of Guatemala.



Mark’s Questions & My Answers


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?


Depends on the day whether it’s getting in to work in my job of almost nine weeks as a secretary or either sitting chatting with my sister or throwing on an Agatha Christie TV adaptation on days off. Either way I usually first light up a cigarette which is not the most healthy way to start the day! 🙂


Your current favorite song?


I have lots of favourite songs from the past. I’m 28 now and I often lately can’t keep up with what’s current. I usually think something’s current enough that is five or six years old! I think the most current song I’m listening to at the moment is Burn Rubber by Aquaria because I’m watching season 10 of Rupaul’s Drag Race and she’s one of my favourites in the show alongside The Vixen. There’s an almost current song I’m listening to as well by Shea Coulee ft. Lila Star and The Vixen called Cocky from 2017.


Crush from a book or movie? Why?


I have tons of crushes! Makes life more fun! A good fantasy is very healthy! But specifically from a book or movie, I’m sure over the years there has been a few but the main one I can think of at the moment is Damon Snow from Olivia Helling’s Damon Snow series. So broodingly dark & handsome and if he was real very sexy I’d imagine! And most importantly a lovely person with a heart of gold!


Tell a secret


I have quite a few teddies especially dog teddies. They are just too cute & hard to resist!


What was the most embarrassing moment that happened to you yesterday?


Something embarrassing nearly always happens when you work in reception and have never worked in an office before but I always get through in the end usually with a smile and some sweetness!


Why do you think you’re an amazing human being?


I’m not amazing but I am a good person. I have good qualities and I think they outweigh my bad qualities by some way. I have compassion for people. I tend to often take peoples’ problems on as my own so I definitely care. I can’t stand prejudice, ignorance and bigotry in all it’s forms. Life is hard enough sometimes without all that shit! I think my heart is basically good. If I can help someone I’m there.


3 things from your bucket list


  • Live in Brighton, England
  • Get my BA (in literature, writing)
  • Get a stamp on my passport first and foremost!

And I’m saving towards these things at the moment.


Look behind you. What did you see first?


I’m at work so the work radio that is currently playing LeAnn Rimes Can’t Fight The Moonlight. I was a kid when the movie that came from Coyote Ugly was out. The years are flying by quicker than I wish them to! 🙂


What motivational message would you tell yourself if you were a different person?


I’d tell myself:

Take each day at a time, not to take heed of the poisonous people out there and you as you is OK.


What are your thoughts about blog designing? Do you find it hard to do it? How do you know if it’s “the one” already?


The design of Culture Vulture Express hasn’t changed since it was launched 5 years ago except possibly minor little changes. I did put a bit work into it at the start and I was pleased with the result but I’m more interested in the content part of the blog so I don’t think too much about it. I feel if I changed it now it wouldn’t feel as much like Culture Vulture Express anymore.

To be honest it’s so long ago that I put up the design I’ve forgotten how to do it but WordPress made it easy at the time! 🙂



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To anyone reading this feel free to accept the award for your blog & answer the questions above. Congrats in advance! 🙂












Oh, the Places You’ll Go By Dr. Suess Review!

Bit late with this post but this review is did as part of the Children’s Books Readathon organised by James J. Cudney from This Is My Truth Now …



Image result for Oh, the Places You'll Go



Oh, the Places You’ll Go (1990) by Dr. Seuss was the final book published in Seuss’ lifetime.


The story follows a young boy called you and told through a narrator. It is very clever how Suess created the character to symbolise the reader setting out on this journey and through that helped children (and big children!) feel more a part of the story. Throughout you sees much life and experiences many new places and situations and comes to The Waiting Place. Like the name suggests this is a place where not much happens and everyone is waiting for something to occur. This place represented to me a turning point and a lot of questions that would be thought-provoking for the protagonist and the reader. There is advantages and disadvantages to The Waiting Place in that it is a place to figure out where you want to go in life, who you are and to nurture your talents and personality but on the other side if you wait here too long you might never get out. So it shows it’s never too late to try and not to overcome by fear. As Janet Schulman, Suess’ editor said, “He is saying, ‘Go out there. You are going to be great. That’s how he led his own life.” and in a world where young people are often made to feel insecure about themselves and their abilities that really is a wonderful message to put out there in the domain.


It is a magical book about learning through experience, believing in yourself, not been scared to make a couple of mistakes along the way and about enjoying your life and not wasting it. Written very much like Suess’ other book The Cat in the Hat, which I read when I was a child, this book is very well-crafted and a joyful read. It’s easy to see how it was so successful upon it’s release and continues to be today. Wonderfully written and illustrated by Suess.


A joyful read with a powerful message.


To purchase Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Suess go to:


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Culture Vulture Express Turns 5!

Image result for celebration 5



On the 10th of August this year, Culture Vulture Express turned 5!


It is so wonderful to get to this milestone and I feel like the years have just flew by! Over the next year I plan to continue doing a little bit of everything as Culture Vulture Express has always prided itself on and I hope everyone continues to enjoy reading and finding interesting the output on here.


This blog for me has never been a chore. It is one of the things I am most proud of. Some people scoff at blogging but I have found it a very enriching and liberating experience. I want to take this opportunity to thank all my followers on here and anyone who has took time to go through one of my articles or even part of it. I appreciate all your support more than I could ever put into words. Thank you for supporting my baby! 🙂

Friday Fictioneers: Lady Awakes

PHOTO PROMPT © Ronda Del Boccio



Lady Awakes


Lady the ladybird awoke from her slumber on the cold, dry brick. She blinked sleep out of her eyes and walked up onto the wood, found the gap between the plant pots and sat there using them as usual as a shade from the sun.


Suddenly two young children giggling stepped near Lady. Two big feet from her perspective. They found it fun to frighten her. She grew in size and stamped on them. She went to a new spot to shelter from the sun away from the blood and guts and thought no one messes with this little lady!



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The Partner By John Grisham Review!

Image result for john grisham the partner



The Partner (1997) by John Grisham is a wonderfully crafted legal mystery by a master of the genre.


The book follows the story of Danilo Silva, previously known as Patrick Lanigan, who disappeared from America to Brazil and started a new life on the run. Along with him has went ninety million dollars and he left behind a burning car with a body in it. Four years pass and he is tracked down in Brazil and tortured. Soon we realise Danilo’s story is not as straightforward as it first appeared …


I found this a very intriguing read. With each chapter more layers of Danilo’s past come to the surface and as a character he is very interesting. With each new piece of the plot and his past you become more and more intrigued to find out exactly where the story is going. It’s a very entertaining read as you’d expect from John Grisham. There is many twists and turns and even though I didn’t see the ending coming I thought it ended very well. Admittedly there could have been a few clues along the way to how it would end but all in all I think it works. From a writing perspective though I kind of liked, without giving too much away, that he didn’t go for a happy-ever-after ending because the atmosphere in the book never felt like it would end happy to be fair.


There is other brilliant characters as well as Danilo who feature heavily in the story. Two equally complex and interesting characters are Danilo’s love interest Eva and his friend Sandy. The three of these characters combine well and add a lot to the story. A trademark of the writer’s work is his excellent attention to detail. And this book is no exception. From the small details to the bigger details of the plot he leaves no stone unturned and writes a very compelling book.


There is also much humour in the story and great psychology into the mindsets of the characters. Their personalities are very authentic to life. As always there was a great insight into the legal world and legal matters. It is quite a long read but well worth the time.


A compelling, great read.


To purchase The Partner by John Grisham go to:


And for more about John Grisham and his work go to:

Friday Fictioneers: Supplies




PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook





We were told we had three months to build the house and that many of the supplies we’d need were to be found on the shelf by the edge of the fenced off location. Us six twenty-something lads got to work, taking shifts for cigarette breaks and lunch. When we knew the boss, a man in his fifties, was gone for the day we’d put on the rock channel, battery-operated, and have it blaring. It was the summer I made four friends for life and met my future husband. All before the last brick was laid.


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