6 Flash Fiction Challenges: Brothers: 99 Word Prompts – Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Catching up on the Carrot Ranch Literary Community writing prompts. I have made them into a continuous story all together called Brothers. Hope you find them good reads everyone! 🙂




Saying Goodbye


Image result for cremated ashes in the air


It was afternoon. My brother Emment and I were making our way through the woods. We arrived at the spot where our Mum used to come. Emment released her ashes into the air and tears flowed down our cheeks. As our Mum always said, it took a real man to cry.


Peering from the woods we could see the main road. Emment wheeled me out of the woods and we started the long journey to surviving grief. Just the two of us.


We both looked back at her lake once more before moving on. Into the unknown out there.


In response to Charli’s prompt:







Image result for ghosts


When Emment and I were young, we used to go camping with our Dad. When he was around. Which was rare. There used to be a yellow tent. A shabby cheap one. No sunshine brought into his sons’ lives. Dad moved on forever to the other side of the world when I was eight. Emment was ten. On the eve of his leaving we mark it by burning a yellow tent.

Today will be the last ritual. It’s best to leave ghosts in the past. Come to think of it, he was always really a ghost in our lives.


In response to Charli’s prompt:





Mr. Handsome


Image result for cigarette drawing


“Where is your suitcase?”, I asked Emment.
“I don’t know. I was sure I left it just beside me Tom.”
“There’s money and cards in it …”
“I know! I’m looking!”
We were on our first holiday together since Mum’s passing. And Emment had went off to the deck of the boat to have a cigarette and lost his case.
“I was talking to this hot guy and …”
“Hold on … now I see it all. Well clearly Mr. Handsome has it!”
“But he was nice …”
“Thank god you hadn’t my case with you! We might actually get home!”, I sighed.


In response to Charli’s prompt:






Impressing Samantha


Related image


I didn’t believe in legends. Samantha did so I faked superb interest. I was currently reading a book on Fanny Hooe. The worse about being disabled from the neck down is that I had to ask Emment to prop the book up for me and turn the pages. Now he’s taking the piss.
“She’s a professor at your college, twenty years old than you …”
“Fifteen.”, I corrected.
“You have no chance!”, he said, turning the page.
“Like you and Mr. Handsome!”, I laughed.
“That was a moment of madness! You and Samantha is four years of madness!”, he laughed.


In response to Charli’s prompt:





Broken Fences & Beers



Image result for broken fence drawing


“Put your back into it!”, I smiled to Emment who was fixing the broken fence in our front yard.
The house was left to our Mum from her Mum and passed on to us. This was our first broken fence though we had a few light bulbs that had died too.

After it’s fixed, we hang out in the garden, have a beer and a cigarette. Laughing, relaxing.
“So how’s Darren?”, I enquire about his new boyfriend.
“Early days but he’s nice.”
“I’ll have to meet him soon.
The fence comes down.
“What does Darren do for a living?”


In response to Charli’s prompt:






Out In The Park


Image result for park drawing


Me, Emment and Darren went for a walk/wheel in the park when Darren, handyman extraordinaire, had fixed our fence.

“Hey.”, said the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

“Hi sis.”, Darren smiled.

Her name was Laura and she had a tiny dog with her called Buttons. As we moved along I began tell her about little Amy, the dog Emment and I had as a kid while Emment and Darren fed bread to the ducks leaving us to get acquainted while nosing every now and then to see how it was going.

Things were certainly looking up.


In response to Charli’s prompt:



7 comments on “6 Flash Fiction Challenges: Brothers: 99 Word Prompts – Carrot Ranch Literary Community

  1. abhiray59 says:

    Nice and touching.

  2. Charli Mills says:

    Oh, wow, what an amazing collection you accumulated. The Emment stories are deeply poignant.

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