What Pegman Saw – One Team

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One Team     


The sun set. It’s rays glistened on the road. Two young boys Den and Riky played football wiling away another wonderful day of childhood. They dreamed of playing in the big footballing leagues and spoke of national and international players while they kicked the ball around.


As night began to fall Den began to move off feeling guilty that he couldn’t ask Riky to his home for tea. His mother and father were quite old-school and hated his friendship with an Atheist. They believed Catholic was the only way and were in uproar when it was abolished as the state religion in 2009. He knew things were changing. But not in his home and he would be forced to stop hanging out with Riky if they found out.


In secret their friendship would continue and blossom. A friendship of sharing different cultures and waving goodbye to hate and so-called superiority.


In response to the What Pegman Saw writing prompt:



15 comments on “What Pegman Saw – One Team

  1. Dale says:

    Such a waste when religion comes into poison a nice friendship…

  2. k rawson says:

    Great story! What a shame for anyone to make religion a criteria for friendship.

  3. pennygadd51 says:

    You give us a good message in a fluently told story. Who would have thought that two boys having a kickabout could be the vehicle for such a strong life-lesson?

  4. What a lovely sentiment!

  5. Natalie Swift says:

    Absolutely loved this ❤
    Keep writing!

  6. Lynn Love says:

    Such a tragedy when religion divides people this way. They should listen to their own kids who see beyond such things. Nice story

  7. James Pyles says:

    This can be a very complex issue that goes beyond bias or prejudace. For instance, in Orthodox Judaism, the fear of apostasy and assimilation, which many Jews think of as a modern “Holocaust” results in a focus on the young people primarily associating with other Orthodox Jews to avoid intermarriage. The fear is very real and if the effort didn’t exist, uniquely Jewish people might cease to be found on the face of the Earth.

    I can only imagine that a devout Catholic family might fear Den’s association with Riky would result in his falling away from the faith and God. Especially in Latin cultures where Catholicism accompanied colonialism, the mindset if very firmly entrenched.

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