What Pegman Saw – Dolbardan Castle

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Dolbardan Castle


Jean stood looking at Dolbardan Castle. Tomorrow she was due to give her first tour as a tour guide of the area. Fresh from her Further Education course in History, Culture & Heritage she was tense. All the guides she had seen were brimming with confidence and bright smiles. Bubbly was the word she heard been used. Her own manner was of the introverted variety and she was worried that the tourists wouldn’t take to her in this extroverted ideal we lived in. Still she had did much research and had much information to share.


Malcolm sat at his desk finishing off his Thesis. Tomorrow he was jetting off to see a tour of Dolbardan Castle and the surrounding areas. He hoped there wouldn’t be a smiley OTT guide like the last tour he was on. Tedious.


The next day Jean and Malcolm met. It was love at first sight.


In response to the What Pegman Saw writing prompt:



2 comments on “What Pegman Saw – Dolbardan Castle

  1. k rawson says:

    How sweet! I love it.

    When I read part of this it made me wonder if you’d ever read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.

    Glad those two found each other.

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