Grave Secrets By Kathy Reichs Review!

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Grave Secrets (2002) by Kathy Reichs is a splendid mystery set in Guatemala following Dr Temperance Brennan’s investigation into numerous murders and disappearances.

It is the fifth book in the Temperance Brennan series of books. Brennan is a forensic anthropologist and in this book, she is working on finding the remains of twenty-three women and children who died when soldiers went into Chupan Ya twenty years before. While she is there she is drafted in to work on the cases of the disappearances of four young women who no one is sure are missing or dead. Two of her colleagues have also been murdered and Temperance must find the truth and see if there is a link between the two.

This book is excellently written. The amount of research that must have went into it is admirable. Some of the technical forensic things went a bit over my head but I got the context of what they meant for the progression of the story. You would know that Reichs is a forensic anthropologist as well as a writer because she writes the technical and the emotional side of doing the job so well. There is also much history to be learned from this book and the human element of the story is beautifully written. This is a wonderfully written mystery that deals with corruption, class and the fight for justice.

A brilliant read.

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  1. Ohh… the book from the series Bones?! Wil have to check this out.

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