Endless Night By Agatha Christie Review!

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Endless Night (1967) by Agatha Christie is a gripping book with a great twist in the tale.


This book is narrated by the main character Michael Rogers. Soon into the story the working-class narrator who changes jobs regularly meets a rich heiress Fenella “Ellie” Guteman near the spot where their future home is to be. They soon fall in love and marry. Ellie puts money forward to build Gipsy’s Acre to start their new life together and Michael brings his friend architect Rudolf Santonix on board to build the house. Like most of Christie’s mysteries there is many characters in this book which leaves the reader with many suspects to choose from. Always exciting. In this particular mystery we meet Miss Esther Lee who warns Ellie to leave or something bad will happen. I really like Esther, she’s my favourite character in the book. She is just this interesting and eccentric woman who is just wonderful and intriguing. Of course in the small village they all think (or maintain in any case) that she’s batty but as the book progresses we realise she’s quite clever and very in tune with what’s going on. We also meet Major Phillpot who is the village ‘god’ and becomes friends with Michael, Claudia Hardcastle who Ellie goes horse riding with, Claudia Hardcastle’s ex husband Stanford Lloyd, Greta Anderson who is Ellie’s secretary and friend who Ellie asks to stay with them, Cora Van Stuyvesant who is Ellie’s stepmother, Andrew Lipincott who is Ellie’s trustee and guardian, Frank Barton who is the husband of Ellie’s aunt and Mrs Rogers who is Michael’s mother.


As the story progresses, Esther’s warnings begin to scare Ellie and soon she is found dead after going horse riding. The inquest finds that it was heart failure and falling off her horse which killed her. But was it? Add into this, Rudolf  dies in hospital saying to Michael, “Why didn’t you go the other way?” Following this, Michael goes to America to Ellie’s funeral and gets the inheritance she left him in her will. But more death is around the corner when Esther’s and Claudia’s bodies are found and now Ellie’s death is being seen as possibly more sinister.


So this is a book with four deaths which makes it very intriguing because there is so many options for each death throwing the reader in different directions. I didn’t figure out the outcome of this mystery when I read the book but afterwards it was like, “Yeah, that makes sense”. Christie has weaved this mystery together wonderfully. It’s complex with four very different characters being killed but it ties together brilliantly and with that wonderful talent Christie had of a complex mystery been tied up with simplicity. It is a very clever mystery in which you can literally trust no one involved and the way Christie chose to write the story aids the overall thriller element very well.


Beautifully crafted and a great read that keeps you turning page after page and ending up reading more than you planned to read in one sitting. Wonderful.


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5 comments on “Endless Night By Agatha Christie Review!

  1. I can’t wait to take this one on. New to me! Great summary.

  2. El says:

    Hi! I know this is extremely late after this post but I just finished endless night & was wondering if you could clear some stuff up for me? I just don’t get the whole Claudia/Lloyd/Cora/uncle Reuben meeting(s)?
    What was the symbolism of all that? What did it actually mean?
    I feel silly typing all my long list of questions about it out in a comment that might get no reply but if you see this then I’ll clarify a bit more what I’m confused about.
    Thanks in advance ☺️

    • lisarey1990 says:

      To be honest, I’m not entirely sure! 🙂 It might be to throw red herrings in there, there was a lot of that I felt in the book but I can’t completely remember what all of that meant. My guess would be that it was to conceal who was doing the killings & tie the story together to not have loopholes but I’m not entirely sure. Wish I could help more but if you find the actual answer of what it all meant, I’d be very interested to know too! 🙂 Thank you for your comment.

      • El says:

        Ah thank you! Glad I wasn’t the only one who was confused by that 🙂
        I had a google but no one seems to mention it anywhere so you’re probably right it just being a red herring – I’ll keep an eye out though!

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