The Murder At The Vicarage By Agatha Christie Review!

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I’m currently taking part in the Agatha Christie Readathon by James J. Cudney from the blog  This Is My Truth Now.

This is the final review of four books by Queen Agatha. 🙂


The Murder at the Vicarage (1930) by Agatha Christie is the first book featuring Miss Marple. The book is narrated by Parson Clement, who is the vicar of St Mary Mead, where Miss Marple is a resident. Fellow resident Colonel Protherone is killed in the vicar’s study and leaves Miss Marple in a dilemma as everyone seems to have a reason to do away with him. In fact Miss Marple can think of at least seven people who have a reason to kill the Colonel.

On the case with Miss Marple and Parson Clement is Chief Constable Melcheff and Inspector Slack. And there is a whole cast of characters joining them. As well as the highly unlikable Colonel Lucius Protheroe (R.I.P), there’s the Colonel’s wife Anne Protheroe, the Colonel’s daughter from his first marriage before Anne, Lettice Protheroe, the vicar’s wife Griselda Clement, the vicar’s nephew Dennis Clement, Parson Clement’s and Griselda’s housemaid Mary Adams, archaeologist Dr. Stone, Dr. Stone’s secretary Gladys Cram, the curate Mr. Hawes, the doctor Dr. Haydock, painter Lawrence Redding, Mrs. Lestrange who has just come to the village and the three busybodies Mrs. Price-Ridley, Miss Hartnell and Miss Wetherby.

Having grew up in a small town I can say that Christie really got the whole small-town atmosphere spot-on. The scenes with the older ladies talking about all the events in the town and in everyone’s lives in the village was so authentic to reality. I think the cast of characters together is a fantastic diverse mix which all work really great together and ensure that a variety of interesting events and situations occur. I love Griselda. She is so fun and down-to-earth and her relationship with Parson Clement is beautiful. Their interactions are golden and Christie wrote the chemistry so brilliantly in the dialogue between them.

The mystery itself, without giving anything away, is very clever. It has an understated brilliance about it. An excellent read that you will very much enjoy.


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2 comments on “The Murder At The Vicarage By Agatha Christie Review!

  1. Thanks! I’m so glad you participated. I linked your review @

    Love the review and the way you listed the RIP. Plus the small town aspect. I’m sad it’s over!

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