What Pegman Saw – New Start

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New Start


David walked along Yellowstone National Park. He had needed to get away after the argument with his older brother.

“You seem sad buddy.”, said a man.

David began telling him his story. Forgot that he was a stranger. It felt like free therapy.

“He like raised you after your parents died and kicked you out because you’re gay? He sounds like a right jerk to me, no offence.”, the man replied.

“So you’re not against us gays?”

“Might be contradictory. My brother’s gay …”

David had secretly hoped the man would have said he was.

“I’m Karl.”


“Oh and I’m gay too.”

“Oh.”, David said.

“And you see that volcano over there. Like a rainbow flag, eh? Reminding you always have the weight of a rainbow behind you. Never alone.”

Afterwards they went for a drink nearby. And life for David started to seem as bright as a rainbow again.


In response to the What Pegman Saw writing prompt:



17 comments on “What Pegman Saw – New Start

  1. Nicole says:

    Hi! I just nominated you for the sunshine blogger award.

  2. k rawson says:

    Great take on the prompt. I will never see those rainbow colors of those pools the same!

  3. Dale says:

    What a lovely take on the prompt. Sad for David that his own family can’t accept him but nice to see that on his path, he met with a like-minded soul… and who knows?

  4. Dear Lisa,

    Nice that David found someone who would listen and could relate.



  5. pennygadd51 says:

    What a very imaginative take on the prompt! Great, too, to have a story about two gay men, especially one that shows them in a sympathetic light.

  6. What a delightfully different take on the prompt. Well done!

  7. Lynn Love says:

    How wonderful to find a kindred spirit! Hopeful tale

  8. draliman says:

    I’m glad David found someone, but a shame his family couldn’t accept him.

  9. What a turnaround. When things seem bleakest, there are always rainbows. Nice modern story.

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