Short Story: Liam

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The stars above were glittering in the park’s night sky. Ben lay back on a blanket on the grass, looked up at them, absorbed the scene. He took a deep breath and inhaled the air. Then exhaled. He looked over and saw his fiance Liam lying on the blanket beside him, looked down at their entwined hands, their hands fitting together perfectly, their rings tipping off each other’s. A quiet silence between two men who had dated since high school who needed no words to convey emotion to each other. Liam took off his coat and wrapped it around Ben. Always was so Liam to be so considerate but Ben knew the drill, just don’t tell his friends or there’ll be playful ragging without mercy. As Liam had always said, there was already enough ragging about him being the only one of his group in a committed relationship, especially from Gabe. From the moment Ben and Liam had met each other, there had been no one else. They had became like the local golden couple who stayed together while the relationships of others around them broke down.


Ben felt a hand softly on his shoulder.

“You alright mate?”

He came out of his trance and looked up at Gabe.

“Yeah, I was just thinking. That’s all.”

“You and Liam used to come here. I know. But it’s starting to get chilly out here and I know wherever he is he’d kill me if I let you get pneumonia.”

“That’s true.”, Ben smiled, standing up and wrapping the blanket around him.

They began to walk to Gabe’s car.

“It’s two years now since the car crash. Next week.”

“I know. The 11th. Come over, don’t be alone that day. Let’s remember him together.”

As they got into Gabe’s car, Ben thought how in a flash he had lost so much. That wedding they were planning had never happened and more importantly the rest of their future had been lost. Each day he thought of Liam and thought how each day they had lost when they should have been together. But slowly he was beginning to cherish what they had together, all the little mundane moments and the few more exciting ones. Slowly he was getting back to himself. Slowly he was starting not to cry every time he thought of Liam and remembering that once he made him smile each day.



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