#SoCS Dec. 16/17 – yule/you’ll/Yul

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “yule/you’ll/Yul.” Start your post with one of them. 

Yule is a time of been in the moment. Of wishing good blessings, non-religious or religious, to your fellow person. Of singing Christmas songs till your mouth is dry, tasting more turkey than you have did so for the year combined and wishing a take-away shop was open. Yule was sitting watching Elf three times or Christmas movies on True Movies or listening discreetly to Tim Minchin’s White Wine In The Sun so your Catholic mother wouldn’t know you were an Atheist. And going to confession and Mass for same reason. Because you were an Atheist. Because you loved her.


Yule was a time of been together. Of reading free Amazon Christmas books to the family and playing fabulously crazy Christmas games like Guess Who. A time of thinking you are fortunate to be alive to enjoy all this. And fortunate enough to have a roof above your head when others don’t. A time to open your sister’s gift of Ferrero Rocher and think that must have cost  bit, thank you doll. Of opening your Mum’s gift of scratch cards and winning nothing but been thankful none the less. Of consoling her because she really wanted you to win. Of thinking of your late Dad, your late dog and the late family dog you never knew and wishing they were all here. Of thinking of late relatives and wishing they were all here too.


Yule was a time to embrace the Atheism of Christmas and it’s pagan roots. Though I probably won’t tell my Mum that one. Of writing short Christmas stories and of getting drunk. For once I’ll use the stereotype of been Irish …


4 comments on “#SoCS Dec. 16/17 – yule/you’ll/Yul

  1. Jami Carder says:

    This is the most heartwarming post of the night! I love your thoughts, your intentions, your memories, your love for your family…such a warm and fuzzy post💕

  2. Eden says:

    White Wine in the Sun is one of our favorite holiday songs here too. Because… I really like Christmas. 😉

    May yours be everything you wish.

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