Poem: Painted Smile On Bleeding Heart



I was stupid

to let my heart

get so involved

and let you rip

it to shreds

like it was

a piece of rubbish

ready to be thrown out or

like clay to be moulded into

something harder

but I refuse to think it’s

useless rubbish

or to make it get harder.



I let my heart get

too involved

because I had no choice

and as much as I want to

say good riddance to you,

the sad truth is you could

play with my heart,

twist it every way you wanted

and I’d still be here

because I can’t break away,

I don’t even want it

and that’s where I’m stupid

but I can’t do anything about it.



And my heart bleeds inside

wanting to fix this,

to fix us

while you make no effort

because you don’t care

and you not caring makes my heart

bleed more but instead I paint on a smile,

believe everything will sort itself out,

I have to,

otherwise I’m going to cry again

and my pillow won’t thank me.

10 comments on “Poem: Painted Smile On Bleeding Heart

  1. rothpoetry says:

    Every person we love takes a piece of our heart with them when they leave. The beauty of the heart is that like the salamander who can grow a new tail, the heart can regenerate to compensate. I like the determination to not let it get hardened! Well done!!

  2. Wonderful piece of a heart that broke into two but you patched too. Great poem.

  3. Been there! 😤
    But you got to keep moving and never give up…. I’m juss saying. ✌

  4. cindy knoke says:

    Well, here’s the possible deal. When anyone breaks your heart. Treats you insensitively. Makes you feel “less then.”
    Recognize something. You are not the person who did this.
    And you should be very grateful you aren’t.
    Because bad deeds build up. And even if you’re a nice person, your small bad deeds get hard to deal with, as you get older.
    That person is going to have a much harder time aging and dying. Aging is easier, if you are on the nicer, “sensitive” end of things.

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