Rest In Peace Gerber



On Friday, the sad news came through that Gerber passed away. In an update on the Go Fund Me page set up to raise funds for him, his owner Wendi Bear said,


My heart is broken. This morning after attempting to syringe feed (he spit it out) Gerber, he collapsed onto the floor and never got up. 

His blood work came back this morning and even with all the treatment and medical care, his illness has progressed. 

Around 10:30 this morning Gerby crossed over the rainbow bridge. 

Thank you everyone so much for all your help in extending Gerber’s life. He had a quite a few extra days lying in the sun because of you. 

All the left over medications (some unopened) and fluids will be donated to families with pets in need who can’t afford medical care. 

Thank you again for your love and support ♡♡♡♡


This is very, very sad news. I know how Wendi must be feeling at his loss as I lost my dog Cookie in 2010 and it was a devastatingly sad time. My condolences go out to Wendi on Gerber’s passing.

Though I didn’t know Gerber personally, he was clearly a strong little cat who fought and fought like a little champion. He stole my heart and I’m sure many other hearts as we followed his journey. Rest in peace little Gerber.

2 comments on “Rest In Peace Gerber

  1. crazy4you says:

    Awwww, how sad 😞

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