Poem: Self-Care

National Coming Out Day was yesterday and National Coming Out Week is currently happening from the 9th of October to the 13th of October. This poem is inspired by that.


To come out as pansexual

has extra problems,

a lot of people still don’t know what it means

and instead of learning

people say ignorant things before they learn.

I’ll explain it to anyone who honestly wants to know

but I’m not going to sit there and be insulted

while they learn.

Coming out is a two-way process

and too often the feelings of those being told the news

are put at the forefront,

“Understand where they are coming from”,

“You took time to accept who you were,

they need time too”,

well no, I realised and I accepted it straightaway.

It shouldn’t be hard in this era in time,

it shouldn’t matter

but sadly often still does.

So come out to who you feel comfortable

doing so to and leave the rest till you’re ready,

operate self-care,

you aren’t the one with the problem,

if someone isn’t alright with you being your sexuality

and you are alright with them being their sexuality

then obviously they have the problem,

they need to sort their issues out,

you need to be happy,

let no one make you unhappy

over ignorance and stupidity.


2 comments on “Poem: Self-Care

  1. This world has a long way to go before it can tolerate differences between people. It seems it has taken more steps back than forward recently. Be well and good luck with your struggle.

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