Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #1




When I grow up. Cast yourself back to six years of age, knowing what you do of life in the present; what would you want to be when you grow up and how would you go about achieving that goal? Tell us in 100 words, no more no less. It can be real or imaginary, serious or light-hearted. Extra points for comparing it to your childhood choice, if you remember it.


I just entered the competition with the following story. Very therapeutic to write I must say. 🙂


The Nerdy Compassionate Child

I was a compassionate child, a very deep thinker who loved books. I was bullied at school for being introverted. It stayed with me throughout my life so I always had compassion for people who faced discrimination for who they were. At six, I didn’t know words like discrimination but I knew what they felt like. I was taught to care by my family too and that ensured that then and now I would be on the side of right. I read lots, I learned about people, eventually wrote about people. I was happy, content and strong then and now.

Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #1


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