A Short Story A Day For A Month: Short Story: East Forum Road

(I am having a few computer problems at the moment but am going to try to finish short story a day from the library. But just letting everyone know if I miss a day near the end here that’s why. But I promise I’ll catch up. Sorry about this everyone. :-))


Cartoon dog cat for frame border element

Bella was a small terrier. She was the nicest dog on East Forum Road, thought Chloe, the cat. She was the only dog who never chased Chloe and her friends who were cats called Daisy and Lily. She almost always greeted Chloe with a warm smile and greeting except for bad days which Chloe understood. She had heard from one of the pigeons, Sunny, from the road that Bella suffered from depression. Sunny was a nosy old bird and he was always flying in and out of the other animals’ business. Chloe didn’t like him very much but she remained pleasant with him.

As was tradition for a good Friday for Bella, she and Chloe shared the chicken Bella got from her owner Joe every Friday while Chloe shared the salami she got from her owner Christian. They would sit laughing away about the latest village gossip while eating and drinking. Chloe loved these days and Daisy and Lily often joined them later. Bella was the only dog a cat could hang out with in the tiny village without been called a traitor. And most definitely Sunny would be all ears for a fight among the cats. A pigeon among the cats he would be totally changing the phrase cat among the pigeons.

By Monday, Chloe heard from Sunny that Bella had passed on in the early morning of that day. She knew Bella was a good age but it still hurt. She cried and Daisy and Lily comforted her. That night every animal walked in the street as a mark of respect to ‘dear old Bella’. It was a mark of how much she was liked by everyone. Chloe, as her best friend, said a speech in honour of Bella for all those gathered.

“My dear friend Bella who never saw difference in some way as division, who was strong in the throes of pain, whose smile was warm and who to chat with was a joy and a great laugh. Generous with chicken, generous with love, kindness and friendship. I speak for me but I speak for us all. We will miss you greatly our dear friend Bella.”


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