A Short Story A Day For A Month: Short Story: A Stolen Heart



Today she’d tell him. She would pour out all her feelings. She was on the way to his house now to tell him that she had loved him for years, that she hadn’t seen him as a best friend alone all this time. Her mobile phone beeped. She opened the new message.

Be brave beautiful. See you on the other side Saanvi. Gary and Buster send you luck too. x

She smiled. The message was from her other best friend Mike, his boyfriend Gary and their dog Buster. She decided to thank them all later. Right now, her body was full of nerves as she approached his flat. The flat belonging to Sam, the man who stole her heart at 16 and had held it tightly ever since unaware to himself. Yes, she’d dated but the poor lads lacked one thing: they weren’t Sam. Images of what their wedding day would be like flooded her brain. Happiness danced with nerves.

She knocked at the door. Footsteps sounded. The door opened.

There stood Sam’s ex-girlfriend Gina in a night coat.

He’s back with her.

Sam came out in his night coat. He wrapped his arms around Gina, said they had got engaged last night. Gina smiled, said she’d definitely want her as a bridesmaid as she was such “a great friend of Sam’s.”

The friend zone. That was always where I was. That’s always where I’ll ever be. The bloody friend zone! 

She did all the necessary friend duties, congratulated them, said she’d love to a bridesmaid. And left. She went around the corner and burst into tears.


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