A Short Story A Day For A Month: Short Story: Kara & Amber






Kara sat in the canteen of her new job in insurance. She had her safety net of a book with her. Today’s was The Partner by John Grisham. She remembered how reading had helped her when she was a young introvert in school and she would read during the breaks. Contrary to what some might say she actually found it fun and didn’t understand why people would feel sorry for her when she would tell them that story. Still as she got older she had felt like she’d like to make friendships, meet the one. But while these things were higher now on her priority list her personality was still the same. She’d never want to change that. There was an equal share of pros and cons to every personality, she knew. And besides the right people take you for who you are. But communications could be difficult. And it all became more difficult every time she saw Amber who was the most sweetest, most beautiful woman. She had been always lovely and very welcoming to Kara since she had started here two weeks or so ago. Kara thought with sadness that at the very least they could be friends if she could talk more in her presence. Maybe more but …

She’s too beautiful and too interesting for me. And that has nothing to do with been introverted.




Amber walked into the canteen area. She started to make her coffee and took a glance over at Kara or “the most beautiful mystery there was” as she had told her friends. Amber got introvertness as she was an introvert too. She remembered been in school waiting for the library to open so she could get away from the hustle and bustle of the big crowds. There she would get lost in books and forget where she was. As she had got older she had learned to act out a slightly more outgoing manner in various jobs through acting classes. Kara didn’t act at all. And that was kind of attractive. She noticed she was onto a new book aptly titled The Partner, Amber thought as that was what she’d like to be to her. It had been Ruth Rendell’s Dark Corners last week. She imagined them having battle of the fastest reader competitions.

She finished making her coffee and made her way over to Kara.

“Is this seat free?”

“Yeah.”, Kara smiled.



The gesture of asking was this seat free? wasn’t to be a one-time thing. Amber did it regularly as time went on and slowly and very gradually ease formed in Kara and they became comfortable in each other’s company. They fell in love, married, became parents to two sons and two daughters, owned five dogs and a lovely, comfortable house. They travelled, read, lived all because Amber didn’t give up and Kara responded to that kindness and opened up.





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