Short Story: The Mystery At Hammond Mansion Part 4 (Of 5)



Emment and Janet sat around the table for dinner at the Hammond household with the family. Gregory stared across at Emment with a mixture of awkwardness and glaring fury.

“So Emment, how is things going with the case?”, Marcus asked.

Greg reached across and took a long gulp of his wine.

“Things are slightly piecing together …”

“Care to enlighten us …”

“At this stage in enquires nothing is definite so maybe I shouldn’t, um, get your hopes up just yet.”

Emment made a sideways glance at Gregory across the table. He looked uncomfortable.

Good, thought Emment.

“Keeping your cards close to your chest.”, Charlotte smiled.

“Indeed.”, Emment smiled.



After dinner, Emment and Janet made their ways to their car.

“Emment, can we talk?”

Emment turned around to see Alexander.


“I’ll be in the car.”, Janet said.

“So, what is this? Defending the brother? I take it he’s told you.”

“You have it all wrong.”

“He’s admitted to an affair.”

“I know he has. But it’s not true.”

“Oh yeah …”

“No, it’s true. He never cheated on Emilia.”

“So he paid her ten grand for nothing, did he? Is that what you expect me to believe?”

He sighs deeply.

“No, of course not. Listen, this whole situation has nothing to do with Marie’s death.”

“How do you know that? An affair behind his wife’s back? Scared of the big reveal? Men have killed for less …”

“Jesus man, we’re not a pack of murdering animals. We don’t just go around murdering people to shut people up.”

“Should I take your word for it?”

“Is that sarcasm? Look, does anything I’m about to say have to go any further?”

“Depends …”

“So it could?”

“I can’t make any promises. This is a murder case Alexander.”

He hesitates.

“Well I haven’t got all night mate so …”

“It wasn’t Gregory.”

“Wasn’t Gregory what? Mitchell?”

“No …”

“Your father?!”

“No Emment … me.”

“Ha?! But you’re gay Alexander! Aren’t you?”

“Yes … it does happen though. Gregory was only looking out for me. He’s always did that since we were kids. It was a mistake. I love Josh and I don’t want to ruin our family.”

“That’s quite a motive …”

“Think what you like. I didn’t kill her. And neither did Gregory.”, Alexander replies, beginning to leave.

“Are you sure Josh had no idea? He and Marie didn’t get on very well …”

Alexander turns back around.

“What are you alluding to? My husband wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“Under the right circumstances, people are capable of doing things they normally mightn’t be.”

“Under any circumstances, he wouldn’t.”



“What did he want?”, Janet asked as she started the car.

“He was having an affair with Marie.”

“But isn’t he gay? Well I suppose it can happen.”

“What if Josh knew? He couldn’t have been that blind to it, could he?”

“People in love can be.”

“Maybe … oh I don’t know. Josh doesn’t seem the type but in them circumstances … jesus that Alexander is a twat.”


Two days later, there was a knock at the door. Emment answered. It was Samantha.

“There was something I didn’t tell you before …”

“Come in, take a seat. Would you like some te- …”

“I can’t stay long.”

“Ok …”

She stays standing so Emment remains standing too.

“The night Marie was killed she called me to tell me that she was meeting a man … I think they were going to run away together.”

“Did she say that?”

“Not in so many words. But she said he was the one and that her life was going to begin … it sounded like she was saying goodbye to me. She told me to look after the family.”

“Do you know who this man was?”

“No but I knew there was a new man in her life. She had a glow about her. She was … she was close to Alexander but he’s gay so … but there was a closeness there. She spoke about him all the time.”
















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