Poem: Notes From A Binary Person

From one binary person

to each other binary person:

Open your minds,

open your hearts

and for heaven’s sake stop

mentally trying to get people

to open their legs for you,

it’s weird

and bloody perverted.

Stop trying to push your

binary ideology down everyone’s throats,

don’t you know you are only one identity?

Stop trying to make out everyone thinks

their “special”, “plays the victim”, “wants attention”,

that seems closer to home.

Really you are embarrassing yourselves

and sadly all of us into the bargain.

Non-binary is not “new”,

it’s just been swept under the carpet

because of the binary’s fragile egos,

wanting to be the only one.

Now that is pretty sad.

To all non-binary people

I apologise on these idiots’ behalves

because let’s be frank their egos

will never let them.

Oh any binary bigots,

wake up and smell the roses,

you aren’t special,

you are playing the victim,

you want all the attention on yourselves

all the time,

your only fight is your

private parts and your birth certificate

which many of you use to fight against a lot of binary people as well

and it’s really tiresome.

You can only truly say

you are you

when you truly say

everyone else is them.

Just wise up please,

you aren’t the only one

no matter how much

you keep telling us all you are.

That frankly just smacks of

protesting too much darlings.



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