Poem: It’s Happened

Well I thought Halloween was over
but apparently not.
Donald Trump is now President Trump
and thank god I’m Irish.
The bigoted voters have spoken
and those who would sell
their fellow people
and their soul
for a packet of cornflakes
have joined forces with them.
A sad day for freedom and equality,
a sad day for goodness.
Tea and biscuits with Putin
I’m sure will be on the agenda,
sends a shiver down the spine.
But this is only a blip in the road,
blips can be overcome.
Goodness always wins out in the end,
it won’t always be a make America bad situation.
My sympathies to the normal thinking people
of America today.
But keep your heads up,
one blip in the road
doesn’t stop a whirlwind.


Poem: Clinton V. Trump

Those moments when you sit
with your cup of tea
getting your novel updated
watching the American Presidency elections.

Those moments when you, your mum and sis
are wishing Hillary Clinton on
imagining how frightening it would be
if Donald Trump became President.

Those moments when some states are still
too close to call
and you hope goodness wins out
and the world can keep moving forward.

Oh yeah, those moments are right now
as I write this.
Clinton: 131 v. Trump 168
but I believe right and equality will always win out.

These moments now when you hope
and you believe
that the power for good and togetherness
can overcome bad and separateness.

Poem: Moments 1

The moment you had your first communion
when once upon a time
you were a Catholic.
The moment you seen a little lamb
at ten and became a vegetarian
but couldn’t stick being one.
The moment you couldn’t go to the debs
because you were a bad traveller
and may be sick on your dress.
The moment you moved from your hometown
and couldn’t be happier,
fairytales actually happen.
The moment you realised you were still young
but everyone thought you were old
and girl you continued living.