Jordan Gray’s New Song Platinum & Video Set To Go Gold, Silver & Platinum!


Officially Jordan Gray’s new single Platinum is out on November 25th but with the internet nowadays who hears music first on the date it’s released? The song is a very catchy pop song which after a few listens you’ll end up humming around the house or in the supermarket – you have been warned. 🙂 Each section of the song flows beautifully together and has a very commercial sound and the words and metaphors are so well crafted.

The music video for the song, directed by Jordan and Jak Kav and co-starring Mickey Taylor, is brilliant. It is the first time that there has been a transgender woman and a cisgender man as a couple in a mainstream music video. I would imagine that it would be very liberating for someone who is transgender to watch. In any way when you don’t feel represented it is excellent and liberating when someone does represent you. Even though I’m not transgender I can understand to an extent how someone might feel because I’m pansexual and pansexuality is another thing that is swept under the carpet in mainstream culture a lot so whenever someone pushes pansexuality to the forefront I feel freer and liberated so I think the feeling someone who is transgender would feel watching the video would be the same feeling. I also think it’s very liberating for cisgender people too because sadly in our society even today if someone who is cisgender falls in love with someone who is transgender there is sometimes this terrible attitude towards that person from people in which they hurl abuse at them or whisper in corners. The openness of this video is beautiful and is a symbol of what is very obvious that love is love and it’s a beautiful thing that everyone deserves to feel and should be able to feel safe feeling the way they do about the person they love. That no individual or couple deserve to have abuse thrown at them due to prejudice. The arts get a lot of stick for putting messages forward but I think the arts is a great platform for doing so and if you look through the years the arts have been an instrumental part in social change.


As a former fashion student, style is always going to catch my eye in any music video. All the style is amazing like the light blue trouser suit and the black pop/rock outfit but my personal favourite is the retro style dress and headband (sadly I couldn’t find a pic of Jordan wearing the outfit on Google so you’ll just need to check the video out everyone but it’s wonderful and suits her beautifully) which Jordan wears while she is playing the piano. Fell in love with that outfit. There does seem to be a lot of musical/cultural references in the video. The retro dress has a very 1950s feel to it while the light blue trouser suit is reminiscent of Annie Lennox. The parts with the burlesque in it remind me of 1920s Jazz venues and then become like 2000s’ hip hop videos in the car. The parts where she’s wearing the black outfit remind me of some Britney Spears/Beyonce music videos and the love scenes remind me a tiny bit of the love scenes in Paloma Faith’s Only Love Can Hurt Like This. It’s wonderfully put together and there was obviously a lot of thought put into it.

I think she is a great artist who clearly loves what she does and I hope it works out amazingly for her with the new release.

Check out the audio of Platinum here:

And the music video here:

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