Poem: One Big Happy Family

Can you imagine a world of equality?
Good people do a lot.
Even those with not much interest in it.
A world where lines were not put up
On such small differences?
Small differences like:
Skin Colour.
Just imagine it …
Wouldn’t it be beautiful?
The reality is things are better
But could be perfect.
Sadly there’s too many people
Of the prejudiced wavelength
For that to become reality.
These bad people
And, no that isn’t oversimplified to say
Are putting blocks up to what will come.
They simply just delay it.
I may not live to see a world of equality
But some people will
And that’s the whole point.
One day we will be one big happy family,
Some of us have already joined the family,
The ancestors you could call us.
People will join automatically,
Other peoples’ hearts will change
And they’ll join too.
Some will choose not to
And that’ll be their loss.
Love, equality and respect
Are the way forward,
Someday everything else,
Well that’ll just be history.

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