Poem: Light

Bigotry is alive

But it’s not well.

A dying breed of hate

Is been replaced by love.

100 years from now

This poem will seem strange

If someone happens to come by it.

They’ll wonder what this ancient thing called bigotry is.

Each year,

Each month,

Each day,

Each hour,

Each moment,

The world matures,

Erases the sickness of it’s past.

Watching it mature is a privilege,

Seeing the seeds grow into trees,

Extend their branches,

Letting light through

To overcome darkness.

Everyday the world is becoming more beautiful,

Rising from the ashes.

I am so proud to share the planet

With so many kind, wonderful people,

Together we are dropping pebbles in the ocean

That will add up and create complete freedom.

We are the light,

They are the darkness

And light always helps people see

Through darkness.

Like a torch

In a dark forest

Leading one to a destination

Of peace, love and harmony.

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