My Opinion Of The Big Brother 2016 Finalists!

Well my dears it’s that time of year again when we crown the BB winner! Today’s the day when the curtain falls on another intriguing series. My two favourites from the start Andy and Hughie made the final which I’m very happy about and like all through the series I’m torn between them for who I want to win.

Here is my opinion on each of our six finalists:


I love Andy. He’s nerdy, he’s a writer, he’s totally my kind of person. His one liners are just so witty like the last one “You have the vocabulary of an acorn”. A lovely man who is very interesting and has contributed a lot to the house. Very genuine. I also love his friendship with Jayne. One of my two winners. Go Andy! 🙂


Evelyn seems a lovely and genuine girl. I’m so glad she made the final. Her friendship with Laura has also been lovely.


Ah my fellow Irish person Hughie! 🙂 He has been brilliant, so lovely, funny and genuine. His relationship with Ryan is beautiful. So sweet. #Rughie. Hughie is my other winner. Go Hughie! 🙂


Jackson’s a nice lad. He wears his heart on his sleeve and I love that about him. There is a gentleness to Jackson which is lovely. He seems very caring and he was really caring towards Georgina in their relationship in the house. So cute. #Jacksina.


I’m not Jason’s biggest fan but he has did a lot in the show so he does deserve his place in the final. I love his dog Cleo and when she was barking because she knew he was there in the task it was so cute. He’s had bonds with Andy, Chelsea, Alex and Jackson in the house.


Let’s just take a moment to appreciate one thing: two writers made the final! Throws all those stereotypes about us writers been boring out the window, doesn’t it? 🙂 I’m pretty proud of the fact that two writers have made it to the last night. 🙂 Jayne is a lovely woman and is very interesting and funny. She has done a lot in the show and she completely deserves her place there. People were kind of seeing her as an easy target to nominate or evict and I never really liked that. She’s a housemate like them all and she’s been a really entertaining housemate. Apart from Andy she has also bonded with Hughie and Charlie.

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