My Favourite Four In Big Brother Currently!

Big Brother is well under way on Channel 5 and I’m currently enjoying it. Below is my four favourites currently as we approach the last three weeks of this year’s show:


Andy West


I love Andy. So genuine and interesting. I want either him or Hughie to win. When he said about daydreaming about chatting to Queen Elizabeth I laughed. Funny and nerdy. A brilliant housemate. I’ve just seen his boyfriend Ed (who is Irish) proposing to him on YouTube which will be shown on the show tonight. So cute. Congratulations to them both! Lovely couple. 🙂


Hughie Maughan


Our very own Irish contestant Hughie is doing brilliantly. He is a lovely guy and his relationship with Ryan is sweet and funny. When he loses his temper it’s TV gold. Jeez he has a good pair of lungs on him! 🙂 Oh, and of course he’s very easy on the eye too. 🙂 Hughie turned 22 yesterday so Happy Birthday to him. His mum went over from Ireland to see him which will also be shown on tomorrow’s show. I also just watched it on YouTube and it was lovely.


Ryan Ruckledge


I like Ryan and I love his relationship with Hughie. He’s a nice guy and full of energy and fun.


Laura Carter


Laura is a lovely girl and has really come into her own since Marco left. Her friendships with Evelyn and Emma are lovely too.




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