Poem: Hope

Making sense of the world,
Sometimes it seems pretty futile.
Too many people we don’t understand,
Too many underlying factors we’re not sure we want to.
And yet without trying,
We’re left in limbo,
Left slightly scared
Because we have to live in it
And knowledge feels like security.
Like safety.

It takes all sorts to make up this crazy world
We call Earth.
There’s never been a truer statement.
How is it some people call someone a bitch
And feel bad?
Yet someone shoots someone in cold blood
And feels good?
Makes the head spin
And it sometimes feels like it wasn’t made for the job.

With all the hate,
The prejudice,
The death,
Sometimes it’s best not to think too deep.
The world can be muddy,
The brain gets hazy,
It isn’t always best to do a Freud on it.
The fast track to insanity.

But the world can be great,
Let’s concentrate on that.
The few negative are not the majority,
There is so many good people
Brimming with love,
Spinning a web of happiness.
Doesn’t it make you smile?
Doesn’t it fill you with hope?

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