Short Story: Shakespeare

I’m currently doing a Futurelearn course Learning Online: Reflecting And Sharing with the University of Leeds. As part of the course we have to produce a script related to information online about William Shakesphere. Here is my short story based on my findings. Hope you all like it! 🙂

Our Creative Writing lecture ended for the day and we left the college.
“He is the master of the writing craft. If you can get to his heights you’ve made it.”, my girlfriend Lucy waffled on.
“I prefer a bit of Oscar meself.”, I replied,
“At least I’m sure he wrote his works.”
“No Karen, there is more to suggest William Shakesphere did then that he didn’t. Scholars say that all came from snobbish attitudes.”
“Yeah, because he was the son of a glovemaker, some people didn’t want to believe he had created some of the best and most lasting texts ever created.”
Suddenly been a working-class girl I was on Shakesphere’s side.
“That isn’t right. Why couldn’t someone from our background achieve all that?”
“Well maybe me, not you.”, Lucy laughed.
I tipped her in the arm gently.
“Get out of it you … Romeo & Juliet’s quite good I have to admit.”
“Bit obvious though.”
Oh yes, I forgot Lucy is of the abstract thinking. If it’s popular it surely can’t be good!
“I suppose.”
“Now The Tempest. That is brilliant. It goes deep beneath the surface of human behaviour and emotions.”
I just about stop myself from rolling my eyes. We’ve just come out of a class where Professor Murphy went on about the psychology of characters and my head is spinning.
“That’s the one on the island, right?”
“I read a childrens’ version of that once.”
“Well I read the actual one.”
That doesn’t surprise me.
“It’s the 400th anniversary of his death this year. The Royal Shakespeare Company is doing a tour of Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Play for the Nation.”
“I heard there’s a lot going on Luce.”
“Yeah, the BBC adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is coming up too. Russell T Davis adapted the play for the screen.”
Doctor Who and Queer As Folk, now I was more interested.
“Cool. I must take a look at that. Get a takeaway and a few tinnys in.”
I see Lucy smile as she rolls her eyes. I know what she’s thinking: too common for a Shakesphere adaptation. But she’s missing the point. Shakesphere is for all, not just the elite and the abstract. Of course I don’t say this. She wouldn’t listen to me anyway. So instead we go to catch our bus home while talking about Macbeth and debate whether there is a justification for Lady MacBeth’s actions. In short I don’t think there is but Lucy thinks there is “underlying factors” to consider. Jeez, she is complex but that’s why I love her. And I think she loves me too because I amn’t complex.


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