Short Story: Chickens On Display

For Easter I have written a short story entitled, Chickens On Display. It’s quite sweet I think and hope you like it. Happy Easter to you all and all your loved ones. 🙂



I stayed over by the corner. A host of other chickens were over the other side getting acquainted. It seemed so easy for them. I smiled over and watched as a crowd of people gathered outside to look in. Raising an eyebrow I thought how the other chickens probably thought I was distant and now I was on display for all these people to decide I was too. How fun!

Taking some tentative steps I feel a plastic egg against my foot. It is multi-coloured, mostly pink and yellow. Another chicken who I learn is called Susie jokes that she laid it this morning and comes over to engage me in conversation. She is rather beautiful and I am suddenly even more shy than I was before.

“You’re the singing chicken, right?”, she asks.

“I sing a little bit.”, I admit.

“No, you don’t. Lemon, he says he seen you on ChickenTube and you’re not bad apparently. What songs do you sing?”

“I did a cover of Royal Blood’s Little Monster recently …”

“Oh a rock chick, I like it.”

“You like rock music?”

“No, I just like rock chicks Melody.”

I find myself blushing slightly.

“My real name’s not Melody. I’m Kate really.”

“I was so nervous today. You’re used to been on display.”

“Well usually singing. This is not my comfort zone either.”

“We can get through it together then. And maybe go for a coffee down in Chicken Village later if you like.”

“Is that a …”, I begin but trail off.

“Yes. That’s a date.”, she giggles.


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