Jordan Gray Star Magazine Interview (Issue 627)


The Voice UK finalist Jordan Gray recently did an interview with Gemma McCartney for British celebrity weekly Star Magazine with photos by Rex/Shutterstock. In her very articulate and at times witty interview the 26-year-old Essex lady, whose stage name is Tall Dark Friend, talks about her girlfriend Heli, why she auditioned for The Voice instead of rival talent contest The X Factor, the reception she has got from the public since appearing on the BBC talent show, what Paloma is like as a mentor, her amazing sense of style and what winning the contest would mean to her.

Talking about her journey on the show so far she said that she didn’t “believe in fate or destiny but it does feel like something quite peculiar is going on in my stars. It’s like I’m in the middle of a Cinderella story.”

On her decision to audition for The Voice over The X Factor she said,

“I’m not naive to the fact that people are curious about transgender. The Voice has integrity, I knew they’d deal with things the right way. I felt like they were going to promote my artistry, not my genitals. At no point have I felt exploited.”

Asked about whether she was worried about how she would be perceived by the public and what the public response to her had been like she said,

“Of course. I’ve been female for two years and it’s my responsibility to be a positive example of a transgender woman and a human being. I thought it (the viewers’ reaction) would be 50/50 good and bad, but it’s been 98.8 per cent positive.”

Speaking about the messages she received from viewers who were confused about their gender she said that there had been “so many!” and added,

“It’s really overwhelming and heartbreaking. I’ve had messages from as far away as South Africa, America, Russia, Bangkok and Australia.”

When asked if her girlfriend Heli is fan of the show she said,

“She doesn’t even have a TV, so this is probably the first thing she’s ever watched. We only got together last year.”

On her style she said that she liked “getting dressed up” but that she isn’t “very glitzy” and continued,

“My style is all over the shop really, but I’d like to be a female Russell Brand.”

On her dream she said,

“As a kid I wanted to be a superhero and I don’t think I’ve ever let go of that. I want to change the world!”

Speaking about her mentor Paloma Faith she said,

“She gives life-changing advice. She said I shouldn’t feel like I have to sing like a woman, because I don’t have a very feminine voice.”

Finally on how she would react if she became the 3rd female winner of The Voice UK and the fifth winner overall she said,

“I would cry. But then I am on 300mg of oestrogen a day!”

Good luck Jordan! 🙂


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