James Byron Long Road Out Of Nowhere Review!



James Byron’s album entitled Long Road Out Of Nowhere is awash with emotional, heartfelt lyrics from beginning to end and several hooks that stay in your head. It is a beautiful, accomplished and introspective debut which can be listened to in full on his YouTube and SoundCloud pages.

Let’s take a look at each track individually:

2 Days

A very catchy opening track 2 Days is both catchy in it’s chorus and in it’s instrumentals. A brilliant sprawling song which has a combination of a rock/country/folk sound.

Rage Through Me

Rage Through Me was the first song of Byron’s I heard and it has always been my favourite. The guitar sound running through it is perfect, the chorus is very memorable and like 2 Days and many other tracks on the album there is a great storytelling quality to it. Byron’s vocal is very narrative-like and it really works very well.

Couldn’t Love You Less

I think we’ve all been there in some way or another, “I couldn’t love you less right now but it doesn’t mean I don’t want you around.” The song flows beautifully and the chords are stunning throughout.

Won’t Make A Difference

This song is one of those songs that makes me kind of sad but sad in a good kind of way if that makes sense. I can relate a bit to it and the chords and Byron’s vocal combined with the lyrics is so heartfelt. It is a beautifully crafted song.

Keep Me Keen

A flawlessly understated song this song is what I call my “The Voice UK Song”. Obviously Byron was on the show himself but why I call it that is because it was the song I had on a lot the night before I auditioned for the show so based on that the instrumentals are clearly calming. Very catchy too.

Good Enough

Emotionally-rich and transcendent, it is heartfelt and assured. Beautifully emotive and lyrically golden.

Watch This Space

Watch This Space is a very edgy song and I love the attitude in Byron’s vocal delivery on it. The guitar sounds fantastic and it is a very well put together composition.


A very cleverly-written track, the metaphor of parts of your life and the many people you meet are part of the jigsaw that makes up your life really works. Byron’s vocal combined with the softness of the instrumentals has a very calming effect which works perfectly.

You Took My Everything (Thin Ice)

Like Watch This Space, the attitude in Byron’s vocal really works on this track and is also very storytelling-esque. The progression of the instrumentals throughout is stunningly delivered.

Let In Love

Let In Love has a very country/rockabilly feel. It has a bit of an Amy Winehouse sound to it and is very catchy and danceable.

Long Road Out Of Nowhere

I think most people from a small town will be able to relate to the title track on the album. It has a huge country influence to it and is strident and soaring.

Never Be The One

The closing track closes out the album beautifully. The lyrics are sung in a conversational style which works stunningly. A beautifully, understated track with a beautiful chord sequence and as always Byron’s vocal sounds clear, crisp, heartfelt and beautiful.

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