Amy Winehouse Documentary Amy Review

Last week I went to see the Amy Winehouse documentary called Amy in the Mermaid in Bray with my sister. I had heard a lot about it and was looking forward to seeing it.

It is quite moving in parts and at the end I was holding back tears because it was very sad. Amy came across to me as someone who was always looking for love and watching how her life went downhill made you wonder if she would have been better having never made the success she did. She never really liked the whole fame side of it.

I don’t think her father or her ex husband came across too well in the documentary but I loved what I heard about her grandmother. And it was great seeing all the footage of her performances and it is always a delight hearing her vocals and songs which played throughout the documentary and at one point I was tapping my foot along to the music. Tony Bennett is also in the documentary and he seems lovely. She seemed to have quite a few great friends and many of them spoke on the documentary.

It was an excellent documentary and I’d recommend everyone to see it.

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