Andreja Pejic Celebrates Her New Kenneth Cole Campaign!

Andreja Pejic recently celebrated her new ads for Kenneth Cole at his new store on the Bowery at Bond Street looking beautiful in a casual chic outfit and a hippie-style headscarf and by going to a private dinner at Bar Primi with Alan Cumming, Bryan Greenberg and Vanessa Williams.

Pejic said of the new ads,

“I’ve seen it all around the city. It’s kind of cool to see your face on a big billboard in the city you came to to make your dream happen. You don’t want to walk around the city looking average. You feel like you have to live up to that billboard.”

Pejic is the newest face of Kenneth Cole ‘ The Courageous Class’ campaign series. In the exclusive video for the campaign she speaks about her personal journey with trans identity, being true to herself and her modelling career. Pejic joins fellow campaign stars Rhymefest, Topaz Page-Green, Jamie Clarke and Jon Rose.


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