Marilyn Monroe: The Missing Evidence

I recently watched a documentary on TV3 called Marilyn Monroe: The Missing Evidence which was very interesting. Investigating whether Monroe’s death in 1962 at the age of just 36 was suicide or murder, the documentary has some interesting input from commenters including Chris Epting, Professor Robert Watson, Richard Buskin, Darwin Porter, Raymond Strait and Jay Margolis. Detailing various different versions of what may have happened on the night of Monroe’s death, the documentary includes information such as the eyewitness statements of ambulance attendant James Hall and partner Murray Liebowitz that they seen Dr. Greenson inject a fatal injection into Monroe’s heart and how St. Jack Clements who arrived later thought it was murder. The theories that Robert Kennedy was at Monroe’s house twice in the day and told Dr. Greenson on the phone that Monroe needed to be silenced are also explored.

A really interesting documentary with lots of information leaving viewers to draw their own conclusions on what they believe to have happened that night.

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